Accommodation and Meals

Stories By Jules will book flights, accommodation (and rental car if needed). The costs for travel/accommodation are not included in the wedding quote and will be charged separately subject to agreement with the client prior to booking.  Meals on the wedding day are to be provided by the client.

Fixing of Booking
The booking is considered to be binding once it has been signed in the order confirmation by both sides. From this point, the Deposit (as defined below) is due. A signed order confirmation and the receipt of the Deposit fix the assignment on both sides.

Image Rights
The copyright remains with Stories by Jules (industry standard). The client receives for the supplied images the private use and reproduction rights.
If these images are issued by the client on the Internet, a clear note concerning the author is requested. e.g. Photos by Stories by Jules and Stories by Jules Photography;; etc..

The client agrees by the order assigned that Stories by Jules may use all resulting images for portfolio purposes.
Of course, we respect the privacy of our clients, and we ask that we be notified formally if this is not desired. Of course we take into account this request, but ask you to bear in mind at the same time that self-promotion is essential for our company.
If the customer wishes to exclude a usage by Stories by Jules we can send you an detailed offer for our Exclusive-Package.

Payment Terms
15 %  of full invoice due and payable after the placement of the order, (the “Deposit”);
85 %  of full invoice due and payable following receipt of the online photo gallery and the relevant acceptance of the photos by the customer.

Image Processing/Delivery

The customer obtains only processed imagery, without watermark, high resolution in JPG format. The delivery of unedited, raw digital data (RAW) is excluded. Delivery will be made as soon as possible, however editing and delivery of final photos is expected to take approximately 3-4 weeks following the conclusion of the event. The images in the online gallery are available for one year following delivery of final photos in web resolution.

Overtime will be charged with € 100,00/1000 SEK/£100 (VAT excl.) per hour.

Customer’s Right of Termination before the Completion of the Work
The customer may  terminate the contract prior to the completion of the work in certain circumstances and as agreed by both parties in writing. In the case of a terminated contract, the Deposit paid by the client is non-refundable.

Data Protection
Stories by Jules Photography will store and process the data provided by the customer exclusively for the purposes arising from this contract and by observing the applicable legal provisions of data protection.